Guiding You through a New Way of Thinking

Our mind visualize, think and communicate… communicates  through thoughts and past experiences our feelings, now,  in our present life situation.

Reflecting it all in our body, body movements and non-verbal language.

Do you know how to manage and choose your body position so you can change your thoughts at your present, changing your way of thinking and doing?

Your mind takes you to your past to reflect your present situation, it´s the way it is.

So your mind is going to hold you back to a non-exit solution from a past experience with an old way of thinking and perception that has no benefit for you, now, in your present situation.

Do you know your Excellent body position to change your mind and thinking to the Excellent?

When you feel Excellence your mind reflects Excellence, and you can choose this body position for managing your emotions, feelings, perceptions and way of thinking.

You can use this state of being and thinking to benefit yourself with motivation, being positive, without limitations.

So the way you move, it´s the way you think, Mind and Body are One.

In a conflict your way of thinking it will be repetitive so your behaviour  too. Change your Body-Mind and your perception about the conflict will change finding the correct solution for your present conflict or manage a job interview or maybe manage your leadership during a team meeting.

We get mind and body positions for thinking so better get the correct one to get an excellent use, excellent communication and excellent language. Your own Excellence is the one working for You.

Your Mind will be working the correct way, visualizing, listening and feeling new strategies, new solutions and goals, giving a new perception to your Life.


Improving your Physiology and your Life.


Do you want to live a conflictive Life or a Solutions Life?

Our thoughts move on a continual way. Why you don´t?

Our thoughts are dynamics. Why you are not?

Our thoughts are comfortable. Why you are living in comfort too?

We manage our thoughts. Why you let them manage your life choosing the wrong way?

You must know how you think and why you choose some limiting thoughts that are limiting your mood, body, physiology and health.

Thoughts are a reflection of what You  Are”

Your Excellent Body Position has a resource and skill collection, do you know them?


NLP Coaching

Talking about my experience working at companies and my life´s experience outside them too, I have found so many kind of people, different people as values of each one.


And as life´s values I write down, a few of them, as Freedom, Love, Companionship, Friendship, Work, Sharing, Happiness, Money or Joy…  

Humour, Communication, Community, Creativity, Excellence, Family, Work, …

 Values are our life´s motive  that push ourselves to choose a conditional action. Feeling them as an emotion under every act you choose for yourself.


People can improve following their values, our resources and capabilities, and it´s one way of improving really fast, it´s one of  NLP  coaching exercises you can enjoy with me guiding you.

Do you want to fulfil  your curiosity about yourself?
You´ll know how to make a difference between who you are, your Essence and who is the person you are being.

You´ll know which are your visualizations, sounds, sensations, feelings and emotions.

You will learn how is your pattern, your different tone´s voices, movements and language expressions,  all your neurological system, how you think, move and feel.

And of course, in their fhysical, pathological way, in their positive and negative ways, their likes, colours, and actions.

An experienced Coach knows how to recognize when is crossing the line between her/him and the model person or costumer, and know how to go back to herself/himself once has cross it, knows how to distance for getting the right information, and know how to improve it.

Making that discover her/himself the subconscious information, with the correct questions, through her/his language, and with her/his answers, make the conscious listening, being aware of it.

And now think, how you move, and how is your beheaviour in your life´s elections?.