Guiding You through a New Way of Thinking

Our mind visualize, think and communicate… communicates  through thoughts and past experiences our feelings, now,  in our present life situation.

Reflecting it all in our body, body movements and non-verbal language.

Do you know how to manage and choose your body position so you can change your thoughts at your present, changing your way of thinking and doing?

Your mind takes you to your past to reflect your present situation, it´s the way it is.

So your mind is going to hold you back to a non-exit solution from a past experience with an old way of thinking and perception that has no benefit for you, now, in your present situation.

Do you know your Excellent body position to change your mind and thinking to the Excellent?

When you feel Excellence your mind reflects Excellence, and you can choose this body position for managing your emotions, feelings, perceptions and way of thinking.

You can use this state of being and thinking to benefit yourself with motivation, being positive, without limitations.

So the way you move, it´s the way you think, Mind and Body are One.

In a conflict your way of thinking it will be repetitive so your behaviour  too. Change your Body-Mind and your perception about the conflict will change finding the correct solution for your present conflict or manage a job interview or maybe manage your leadership during a team meeting.

We get mind and body positions for thinking so better get the correct one to get an excellent use, excellent communication and excellent language. Your own Excellence is the one working for You.

Your Mind will be working the correct way, visualizing, listening and feeling new strategies, new solutions and goals, giving a new perception to your Life.


Improving your Physiology and your Life.


Do you want to live a conflictive Life or a Solutions Life?

Our thoughts move on a continual way. Why you don´t?

Our thoughts are dynamics. Why you are not?

Our thoughts are comfortable. Why you are living in comfort too?

We manage our thoughts. Why you let them manage your life choosing the wrong way?

You must know how you think and why you choose some limiting thoughts that are limiting your mood, body, physiology and health.

Thoughts are a reflection of what You  Are”

Your Excellent Body Position has a resource and skill collection, do you know them?


It´s not What You Say, it´s How You Say

Have you stopped a few minutes to think about what do you choose for reading? And who?


When we read, we have affective responses, we can feel emotions and visualize images and histories from a novel, from a newspaper, a haiku or even with a chat conversation using social media as we do actually.

And these words make us feel empathy, learn and behave when we assimilate at the end its literariness, its words, making a good reflection if it´s a good one.

That´s why is important which books or words we choose to read so they enrich our life instead to achieve a poorly wisdom or knowledge.

Literature can give standards and pass on deep knowledge, if has a good narrative and language, a rich vocabulary and description for achieving empathy and understanding with Others and with Yourself.

So, when you read ask yourself how are you feeling? If it´s not good for you…change of book or conversation matter¡

Our minds don´t make difference between what´s real and what´s imagination for future situations that´s why when reading we enjoy of two different feelings:

  1. Narrative Feelings: Are the affective states directed toward characters and events and include identification, empathy and sympathy.  Feeling yourself inside the scene,    that´s why the importance of Personal Factors.
  2. Aesthetic Feelings: Are directed toward the formal features of the text, and include appreciating the beauty of the form, getting yourself focused on the writing style.

Both kind of feelings reinforce one another in a process of oscillation. And are moderately to strongly correlated.

These interrelations depend on the influence of personal factors as personal experience or trait empathy, generating as a result to get identified with characters.

Literature can train, and exercise our ability to weep for those who are not us or ours. Your imagination will take you through this path, walking a mile in a stranger´s shoes.

Making us think about how to relate to others, to ethical issues, and how to live in general, being easier to experience your real life if happens something similar to you because your mind has imagined before while reading.

Imaginery has an important role too. Our minds don´t make difference between what´s real and what´s imagination when future real situations present in front of us.

  • Using the metaphor, your own imaginery and life experiences will be the characters of the narrative because of the analogic language on it. Working directly your right part of the brain. Helping to connect feeling, experience and a better understanding of yourself.
  • Using a text really detailed and with a good description and vocabulary, giving you all the information, as per example Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes, your imaginery it´s going to be guided seeing it yourself out of the scene as if you were watching a movie.

Then, What have to accomplish a good book or conversation so we can learn and have emphatic and reflective reactions?

What is in a text that makes us understand ourselves or others better?

What bring to the text or to our talking, our personal experiences and our general disposition to empathize?

Following Miall and Kuiken studies, it´s the following:

  • Using more semantic and phonetic foregrounding were perceived as more striking and evoked more affect.
  • A grammatical foregrounding seemed to have a little effect.


Now an interesting exercise you can do:

Write on a paper the first eight words come out from your mind and while you are read one by one …

How do you feel with each one?

Now… with who are you going to talk or… who…, what…, are you going to read?


I travelled to USA, yes…finally¡¡¡ Stepping  there again…and what about Emotions?

Well…it was hilarious, exciting, awesome and  damm good to look through the plane window and see Washington landscape while we were landing.

As I were in a dream I was walking  through streets, saying Hi¡ everybody with a smile and meeting my second family ,as I feel and say. Meeting  friends…and making new ones too.

I was really excited going to the Power Conference and see how was going to be that day, meeting wonderful women reflecting their work.

I was thrilled and they received me with a smile, feeling as I was home again, supported  and sharing our knowledge as a team, women doing good in our work, business, family and breathing on the air what we want and we deserve.

Be liked for our work, respected, and caring about each other, sharing our Power and Esteem.

And wasn´t only that day, it was at the Hispanic Event, it was at the Networking Event in Lakewood Montgomery County and with everyone was meeting.


A wave of emotions were running through my heart and my mind, trying to make them clear, enjoying them, managing  them, so, I could enjoy of every single minute as the last one.

And keep it for remembering it always, forever , collaborating Radio Sant Vicenç Team, we are working on it, to reflect that day, at the Power Conference in Washington.

As I heard from Leslie Mulligan: “We need to have all kinds of partners”

All my last years,  were  just vanished, being the following day after so long… I could meet all kind of partners, sharing ideas and deals.

Even though wearing a microphone and my hands shaking in every interview, with every question.

That´s the secret¡¡ Manage your emotions while you enjoy them¡¡

Manage your emotions and negotiate with them¡¡ You can deal and take the best part of them if you want¡¡¡

And how to manage them? Well…that´s my job…to train you to manage and re-program them for your Best.

Negotiation and Emotions for good relationships, in business, personal, family, even for going shopping, learn how to use them and how to negotiate for improving your relationships. Don´t control them, give them a break managing them¡

Enjoy our next event at “Coaching Night Time” with Leslie Mulligan from Watershed  Associates¡¡¡ Wherever you be¡¡¡

As I used to listen the radio every night long ago before going to sleep. There…. a time in USA….