My Life is Art, My Life is Coaching.

My Life is Coaching, and Coaching is Art, an Art career of Humanity, a professional career of guidance and support for achieving what persons wish and yearn with Art.

Following a specialty, business, ontology, sports, education, health or Life Coaching, a coach, will give you resources, skills, techniques to improve and change for better your Life.

Understanding What, Which, How and Why of everything for changing and transforming limitations in potential behaviours.

A Coach helps clients to see clear a straight line through a chaotic mess, stablish a beginning and an end, so clients can step over wisely one step at a time.

Learning meanwhile their own signals, their own emotions, skills and strategies through this trip in straight line on time.

If you want to become a coach you have to learn first  how to solve conflicts, mediate, motivate, give potential, realistic dreams, and most of all be the Light in your own mind to follow your path for later be “Their” Light in client´s mind.

Learning how to develop an opened mind with Beliefs, Values, and Goals, and developing this three pillars base for,


  • It´s centered on what a person yearn- goals- and how to achieve it.
  • Stimulates to know Values and living them in congruence.
  • Questions Limiting Beliefs and reinforce the positives ones with exercises giving a feedback.


A coach will help you to achieve a new perspective and purpose:


  1. In whatever situation everybody choose the best option available.
  2. Human behavior is gifted with purpose.
  3. Everybody has skills and resources needed or can acquire them.
  4. If you want to understand it´s time for get ready and….Action!
  5. A new perception of Time gets built.
  6. You Move through the World with Your-Self.
  7. Language and communication is a Self-Reflection.
  8. Living Here and Now.


If you want to enjoy Freedom, Happyness, Confidence, Creativity, Awareness, Wisdom and Art, get coaching guide.





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