Resources 3D on Time


There are times when we need answers to our doubts or answers we don´t know because people are experiencing a new situation, a new experience, that don´t know how to handle it or manage it.

Indeed people has the answer, their own good and valid answer that it´s going to work for them efficiently.

People come to me often asking me questions worried because it seems they are the only ones experiencing uncertainty and doubts about their lives and conflicts.

I include myself too with that, yes, we are humans and our mind work that way, questioning for a comprehension, for understanding, for learning. Without that you will not do conscious your experience.

So, what we do? We meet people with our similar conflicts to get a feedback and learn, understand ourselves and the situation we are living.

Is there anything else your clients can do?

-Yes, for sure¡

Here it is,

You can help your clients to look for the new resources they will need for their present and future life.

You can guide them to look for them on time, they will need a fast answer to use on their day, for their life or business, so you have to act fast.

A good way is to use their time line to get the goal they want and take them to their past where and when they learn the resource, skill, they actually need to implement in his present and future.


Which questions you have to ask in their past so they get the correct answer?

It will depend on the different factors emerging on their past experience; a good example on resource area?

What about capacities? Look for their physical behavior with their senses, Visual, Auditory, and Kinestesic, depending on what kind of experience they are making conscious.

When they ´ll be experiencing  their capacity at the highest, anchor that feeling and situation taking the new anchor and information through their life line to the present and future too.

You can manage their resources on time and in time, maybe they learn the resource in their past and their effects in another past moment at the identity level so you will have to work believes in that other past moment, when and where they need too, so they be conscious of their learning and how is it on them for an excellent use in their present and future life.

Improving  and transforming all levels at once, Identity, Beliefs, Behaviors and Capabilities.

Is what is called SCORE in 3D, Art in movement, as the painting has a different look       if it´s seen from a different view. You are the guide to facilitate the correct view and consciousness in your clients.





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